We concluded our Beta testing a few weeks ago. I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in the Beta for providing us with learnings necessary to make Smart Chat even better. We heard you!

We’re also pleased to report that our Smart Chat users generally had great things to say about their experience. Here’s a compilation of some of the feedback our users provided: http://mylanguagehero.com/decks/LanguageHero_IN_ACTION_ENG_042318.pdf

Here are some of the things we’re working on to implement your ideas and fix bugs we discovered during the Beta:

  1. We’ll be firming up some of the code, especially the streaming server code, that was a little buggy at times.
  2. We’ll provide users with the ability to chat directly with our system. We found that some users are a little shy about chatting directly with other people.
  3. We’ll make it possible for two people who speak the same language to study a new language together as chat partners. Quite a few of you asked for this–you got it!
  4. We’ll make individual words clickable so you can just hear the pronunciation for one word.

We expect a more stable Beta with all of these features by the end of June and a final commercial release in September.



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