Online Language Learning websites have overlooked speaking proficiency for far too long



A lot of real life conversation, you can understand, in a relaxed environment



Language Hero’s Smart Chat Video App can get people speaking a new language well in 9 months

Smart Video Chat In Action

View our first-to-market product aimed at delivering Second Language speaking proficiency

Make friends…and more

The realer it gets the better you speak—win-win for both of you

Easy enough for a 9 year old to use

Explore a new topic

Our “Explore” button lets you move to new, interesting topics with ease.

Build your own real life conversations – while learning the language

Select from sentences, images and lists to create real life, low stress, face-to-face speaking, even where you don’t speak a work of each others’ language.

Latest News

Just invited to present at SXSW Education Conference––Stay tuned for details!
Thrilled to present Language Hero at the Finals of the Global EdTech Startup Awards. Just an incredible experience for all.
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Language Hero is honored to be part of the NYU ecosystem. We’ve been accepted into the Steinhardt EdTech Incubator, powered by StartED
Language Hero Officially Arrives in Taiwan as part of Nankang Software Incubator!


















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